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Rechenzentrum der Universität Augsburg
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Working group of operating systems:

o Backup and archive server system TSM ( machine hall, computer center )
The programming system TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager), former called ADSM (Adstar Distributed Storage Manager, version 3.1) provides automated storage management services to multivendor workstations, personal computers, and local area network (LAN) file servers. ADSM allowes users to maintain backup versions of their files, which they can restore if the original files are lost or damaged, that means all users directly connected to our University Computernet could backup their files automated on a central server. The computer center provides (actually up to 3) backup versions to be restored anytime by users. Of course the computer center itself uses this way to backup own files. Our actual configuration (testing phase) provides backups for central server files and filesets from our University DCE-cell (Distributed Computing Environment, DFS) up to about 10 terabyte of data.
The new server system is a IBM RS/6000 F-50, actual configuration with two-way symmetric PowerPC 604e processor card (332 MHz), 256 MB main memory and 36 GB drive capacity (SSA) under IBMs operating system AIX 4.3.1. As robot we use a Exabyte 220 automated 8mm tape library with two mammoth drives and 20 cartridges (each with 20 GB capacity uncompressed, AME 170m) and standard bar code scanner.
o Parallel computer IBM RS/6000 SP (machine hall, computer center)
In the current stage of development the IBM SP covers 14 processors, of which everyone represents a high speed workstation for itself, and which are operational completely integrated under IBMs Unix version (AIX V4.2.1) and the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) with a maximum performance of nine giga floating-point operations per second.
More information in addition in the RZ news paper connect (edition 1/1998).

o Apple-Macintosh
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