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My pictures show both symbolist and surreal tendencies. The symbolist pictures represent problems of our existence such as proximity and distance in human relations, love, longing, isolation and aggression, among other things. Just as in mime and modern dance, the subjects express an idea or a mood through gestures and movement. This gives a symbolic character to parts of the picture. My landscape pictures can also be interpreted metaphorically, as expressions of mental moods.

The surrealist work developed by chance from the structure of a picture (as for instance the Surrealists did through  decalcomania  - a method which was used for example by  Max Ernst  already in the 20s). The encoded meaning of the picture can reflect mental experiences. These seem like messages from the personal or collective subconscious. Sometimes this makes the pictures ambiguous. Their interpretation depends on the associations of the observer. The title of the picture may provide an added stimulus.

My painting techniques (usually oil on canvas) are mostly based on the late-medieval  layer painting, which among other things has been developed from the innovative approaches towards the handling and manipulating of oil paint by  Jan van Eyck. There several transparent oil layers are painted one above the other, so that the often unusual colours of my pictures develop a special depth and luminosity.

nicola klemz
Nicola Klemz
16.12.1953  born (Knop) in  Freiburg/Breisgau/Germany
 1973·1978  Art student at the  Nuremberg College of Art, with Prof. G.Dollhopf  and Prof. G.Wendland
 1980·2003  Art teacher at the  Theodor-Heuss High School  in Nördlingen
 since 1978  exhibitions in Aalen, Amberg, Augsburg, Berlin, Buttenwiesen, Castle Höchstädt/Danube, Donauwörth, Freiburg/Breisgau, Gröbenzell/Munich, Harburg/Schwaben, Honhardt Castle, Ingolstadt, Kaisheim, Kempten, Lindenberg, Neuburg/Danube, Nördlingen, Nuremberg, Rain/Lech, Wedel/Hamburg, Wertingen, Würzburg, Águilas (Murcia/Spain),...
 since 2003  independent artist in Donauwörth
19.1.2016  † in Nördlingen

Picture Gallery ND

( Exhibition in "Stadtmuseum Neuburg/Danube" July - September 2010 )

Klemz: en el escenario de la vida Klemz: la huida Klemz: la vista detras del espejo Klemz: la caída Klemz: el gafe Klemz: el bromista Klemz: reina de hadas Klemz: la isla del sueño perdido
Klemz: Elsa la Lista Klemz: la adivina Klemz: tres hermanas Klemz: ¿un ángel? Klemz: cosas de mujeres Klemz: soledad Klemz: ninfa melancólica Klemz: tentado
Klemz: sentimientos elevados de la vida en la provincia Klemz: la decisión Klemz: medida educativa II Klemz: dama del corazón Klemz: Islandia Klemz: ¿solamente jugando...? Klemz: La Princesa Klemz: Landmannalaugar (Islandia)
Klemz: la noche de Strindberg Klemz: modelos de la vida Klemz: huellas de la vida Klemz: sendas de la vida Klemz: los amigos de Manet esperando a tiempos mejores... Klemz: príncipe azul que no besaban Klemz: Melancolía o nace la fantasía Klemz: overtura I
Klemz: overtura II Klemz: overtura III Klemz: overtura IV Klemz: overtura V Klemz: overtura VI Klemz: overtura VII Klemz: overtura VIII Klemz: la nagual
Klemz: Diosa de serpientes Klemz: pareja bailando II Klemz: bailarina Klemz: recaderos de amor sin estar invitados Klemz: promesa Klemz: sentimientos de juventud tardía II Klemz: la luna limón Klemz: dos hermanas

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klemz overview thumbnails(629)

Nicola Klemz permanent exhibition in the doctor's centre in Buttenwiesen (Schulplatz 16, D-86647 Buttenwiesen)
Klemz: Alte Freundschaft Klemz(Knop): Erotisches Ritual Klemz: Familienmythos II Klemz: Weihnacht in der Wüste...
since June 2013 with more than 50 works in the rooms of the doctor's centre in Buttenwiesen during office hours
Article  "Der Tanz des Lebens"  in the diary Augsburger Allgemeine/Wertinger Zeitung from 15.6.2013 by Bärbel Schoen

ButtenwiesenHow to drive to Buttenwiesen

Autumn 2016:  exhibition  "(Day)dreams - magical landscapes"
in D-89420 Höchstädt an der Donau  (in the castle chapel, Herzogin-Anna-Straße 52)
Klemz: Verheißung Klemz: Einsamkeit Klemz: Melancholia oder die Geburt der Phantasie
from 3 September to 9 October 2016    
(opening hours of the castle)
klemz klemz

Article  "Dramen einer ungeduldigen Seele in Bildern"  from Augsburger Allgemeine/Rieser Nachrichten (Dillingen)
by HOrst von Weitershausen from 5.9.2016.
Laudatory  by  Dr. Sabine Heilig  at the inauguration in the castle chapel of Höchstädt on 5.9.2016.
overview titles  in the Höchstädt Castle exhibition.

klemz How to drive to Höchstädt

Autumn/Winter 2015:  participation in exhibition of the
artist association Augsburg "Die Ecke"  - theme: "Das Kleine Format 2015"
in D-86150 Augsburg  (in the gallery "Die Ecke", Elias-Holl-Platz 6)
Klemz: Modernisierte Natur Klemz: Kostbarer Augenblick exhibition theme:  "Das Kleine Format 2015"
from 20 November to 23 December 2015
exhibition period: 20.11. to 23.12.2015

Autumn 2015:  participation in exhibition for competition/arts award of Sparkasse Nördlingen 2015
in the  exhibition halls  of the art association Nördlingen in D-86720 Nördlingen, Bürgermeister-Reiger-Str. 3 (1st floor)
Klemz: Geheimnisse einer vornehmen Dame exhibition theme:  "hidden - encrypted"
from 23 October to 22 November 2015
organizer:  art association Nördlingen e.V.   and   Sparkasse Nördlingen
exhibition period: 23.10. to 22.11.2015

exposition Autumn 2014 at the  gate house  in D-86687 Kaisheim, Abteistrasse 1:
Nicola Klemz (Donauwörth) and Maria Dorwarth (Freiburg im Breisgau)  
Organizer: Kulturförderkreis Kaisheim
gate tower Kaisheim
Klemz: Die drei Damen (Zauberflöte) Nicola Klemz andMaria Dorwarth Dorwarth: Drei Damen (Zauberflöte)   from September
  to October 2014

Article "Malende Freundinnen"  in the diary Augsburger Allgemeine/Donauwörther Zeitung
("Focus Culture" from 25.9.2014) about the exposition by Barbara Sagel

Spring/Summer 2014 participation in the exhibition
"INTERIOR views - WORLD considerations" - representational art in Germany
in the  Exhibition Centre Pyramid Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf
curator: Dr. phil. Kuno Schumacher
(Zentrum für Kultur- und Zeitgeschichte, Risaer Str.94, D-12627 Berlin)

 exhibition centre pyramid Berlin
Klemz: Befreiungsritual Klemz: Manets Freunde warten auf bessere Zeiten... Klemz: Mein Herz ist eine traurige Zeit
from April until July 2014
Press article   from "Medienmagazin für Journalismus - Sachverhalte 1/2014" (p.16).
Flyer  Exhibition INTERIOR views (downloadable as .pdf-file, about 800KB).
Articles from the exhibition catalogue  to "INTERIOR views - WORLD considerations"
from Dr. Kuno Schumacher, April 2014 (p.48-49 and 128-129, downloadable as .pdf-file, about 550KB)
and an overview about  the 50 exhibiting artists (p.1-20).
🎥 Laudatory  to "INTERIOR views - WORLD considerations"
from Curator Dr. Kuno Schumacher at opening day (5 April 2014, mp4-Video, about 20 min).
🎥 Introduction  to exhibition "INTERIOR views - WORLD considerations"
from Kulturstadträtin Juliane Witt at opening day (5 April 2014, mp4-Video, about 10 min).
And an article  "Lob der gegenständlichen Kunst"  from the foundation OST-WEST-BEGEGNUNGSSTÄTTE Schloss Biesdorf
from 17.4.14 by Axel Matthies.
Another article  "Die Botschaft der Bilder" in the socialist diary "Neues Deutschland" from 26.6.14 by Burga Kalinowski.
A summary of the exhibition "INTERIOR views - WORLD considerations" (downloadable as pdf-file, about 12MB).

Forthcoming Exhibitions in Germany

Press Reports

Labyrinthe-Gesellschaft für phantastische und visionäre Künste e.V., München:
a Museum of Fantastic Art in the virtual world of the Internet
(Otfried H.Culmann, Edgar Ende († 27.12.1965), Michael Ende († 28.8.1995), Ernst Fuchs († 9.11.2015), HR Giger († 12.5.2014), Peter Gric,
Fritz Hörauf, Michael Maschka, W.M.Ohlhäuser, Tamara Ralis, Bob Venosa, Bruno Weber († 24.10.2011), and many others)

Phantastenmuseum Vienna: The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism in the Palais Palffy
(Arik Brauer, Bella Volen, Benedetto Fellin, Christian Flora, De Es Schwertberger, Ernst Fuchs († 9.11.2015), Florian Aigner,
Hanno Karlhuber, Luigi La Speranza, Michael Fuchs, Zorica Nikolic Aigner, and many others)

Max Ernst at Artsy   more about Max Ernst at Artsy - the leading resource for learning about and collecting art (The Art Genome Project)   - The Saatchi Gallery : London Contemporary Art Gallery   - Silvian Sternhagel: Pictures of Light - New Worlds... - Nicola Klemz: posters, prints, greeting cards

catalog  Nicola Klemz: current catalog (downloadable as .pdf-file, about 2.8MB)
or printed catalog (price 10 €) to get from bookshop Greno:
D-86609 Donauwörth, Reichsstr. 25, eMail:, web:
Article  "Ausdruckskraft in einen Katalog gebannt"  in the diary Augsburger Allgemeine/Donauwörther Zeitung
("Focus Culture" from 30.6.2011) presentation of the new catalog June 2011 by Barbara Sagel

Nicola Klemz: current flyer
(downloadable as .pdf-file, about 1.8MB)  

klemz all titles in alphabetical order
klemz overview thumbnails(629)
Klemz {Übersicht Bildtitel}
Klemz{todos títulos en orden alfabético}

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Klemz: Die Stunde vor der erwünschten Eroberung
Klemz: Lebenswege
Klemz: Die Exilanten
Klemz: Nächtlicher Zaubergarten
Klemz: Einsamkeit
Klemz: Balz pathétique
Klemz: Absurde Gesellschaft
Klemz: Fels der Weisheit
klemz Nicola Klemz: current catalog  (download .pdf, about 2.8MB)
klemz Nicola Klemz: current flyer  (download .pdf, about 1.8MB)

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Klemz: la hora antes de la conquista soñada
Klemz: sendas de la vida
Klemz: los exiliados
Klemz: jardín nocturno mágico
Klemz: soledad
Klemz: Balz pathétique
Klemz: sociedad absurda
Klemz: peña de la sabiduría

klemzNicola Klemz: aktueller Katalog (download pdf-Datei, ca. 2.8MB)
klemzNicola Klemz: aktueller Flyer (download pdf-Datei, ca. 1.8MB)

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